Welcome to Onchee Technology Limited!

We are an online wholesaler (doing B2B), if you've purchased from our Resellers(Thank You!), please contact them for all after-sale services. However, if you have queries, you may still send an email to us.

We do b2b, either wholessale or dropshipping, if you want to resell our products, please send an email to us.

Our product Scopes are:

Smartphones / Samsung Galaxy Cellphones
Tablets / Netbooks / Samsung Galaxy Tab
Computer / Notebook
Homw AV Systems
Car Accessories
Bike Accessories
Camera Lenses (for camera phones, cameras, Camcorders...)
Our email: sales@onchee.com

Onchee Technology Limited
1410, 14/F., Fonda Industrial Building, 37~39 Au Pui Wan Street,
Fo Tan, Hong Kong
Tel: 8211 8201 Fax: 8147 0931